Steps To Start Bidding:

  1. There are Two Ways To Enter The Auction From The Home Screen
  2. This Will Redirect You To Our Auction. The page Will Look Like This
  3.  New Users Click on Login/ New Bidder
  4. A Screen Will pop Up Please Click (new bidder)
  5. It Will Ask For An Email
  6. After It Checks Your Email (Fill out the about you form)
  7. Create Account: 
  8. Credit Card Verification Is Required: Make Sure To put the Correct Address For The Card or it wont except Card. Also Note Gift Cards are not excepted as Verification.
  9. All bidders will register to bid through the website. Bidders will establish a user name and password. A credit card authorization will be required at time of registration. The credit card will not automatically be charged. It is a security feature to deter fraudulent bidding. Invoices will be emailed to successful buyers at the close of the auction and payments will be accepted under the terms of payment. PRE REGISTRATION IS RECOMMENDED. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR EACH AUCTION.

10. Now Your Ready To Start Bidding!!! Check Out The Current Auctions To get Started

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