If you have stuff to sell, Go 2 Guys Auction is the right choice to turn products into a cash. Our online auctions are designed to help you get the best price possible for things you don’t need.

We pride ourselves on attracting the very best buyers for your auction items. We do this by assigning the items to the most appropriate auction and utilizing modern advertising techniques.

Once sold, you will receive an email settlement report & check within 10 business days.


As a full-service auction business, we offer competitive consignment fees, speedy pick-up and an overall stress-free experience. The process is easy:

Steps For Consignment:

  • For Large Amount of Product To Sell Call For Free Consultation on Estate-sales, Realestate, Storage Units, and more...
    • Please call (406) 813-8585
  • If you have questions, email photos and a description of your item(s) using our contact form
  • We Except Consignments Monday-Friday: Bring Your Items During Open Business hours.  Go 2 Guys Consignment Warehouse Drop Off is at 20777 Frontage Rd. Belgrade. Please bring items to the green door (Near Large Garage Doors). Ring Door Bell for Customer service representative.
  • Product Will be held in Our Showroom The Week the Product is on Auction. Customers can preview Monday-Tuesday 9:00am-5:00pm

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If you’re wondering if we’ll accept your items, a good rule of thumb to follow is: If you see it IN ABUNDANCE at local thrift stores, then we are not taking it. If you strongly feel the item has resale value, call us and we’ll be happy to discuss. Although the acceptance and decline of items can be decided on a case by case basis, here is a basic list of items we’re seeking and those we’re not accepting...

Accepted Product List

Not Accepted List

* Not so fast! Please be sure all items are clean and sorted and that you have all cords and parts. If there is an item not on the list, ask us at 406-813-8585 or email: sold@go2guysauction.com questions and picture(s)

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