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The easiest way to consign with us is to bring us your items or send pictures via email or Facebook, we can do an evaluation and decide the best avenue for the sale of your quality product. When you choose to sell in our auction simply fill out a consignment form and you will receive a check 7 to 10 days after the auction closes it’s that easy.

Please do your best job to CLEAN the item you will get more $ for a clean product.

How it Works

Bring us stuff to consign (sell) in our Auction

 You get a check 7-10 days after the auction closes it that easy.

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Click Below for a printable PDF Consignment Sheet

Go 2 Guys Auction Consignment Contract


Contact Us (406) 813-8585

Text US (406) 599 7432


Please avoid bringing consignments 24 hours after an Auction.

For example if an auction closes Aug 20th (Avoid bringing consignments Aug 21st)

Please do your best job to CLEAN the item you will get more $ for a clean item.

(Exceptions: ancient antiques and things that will harm the integrity of the item if you choose to try and clean it.)

Items We Will Not Take

Items worth $50 or less, leftover estate sale or yard sale items, dishes, glassware, stuffed animals, modern dishes, china, magazines, used clothes, exercise equipment, baby clothes.

Items That Do Good In Our Auction

 Guns, Knifes, Antiques, Fishing Gear, Coins, Gold & Silver Jewelry, Old License Plates, Tools, Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, RV,s ATV’s and Trailers  and anything Western or having to do with Yellowstone & Montana history.


3 Auction Resale Policy

We have a 3 auction resale policy. We will not resale an item for 3 auctions this prevents the auction from looking stagnant or looking like were re-selling the same thing constantly.

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